Sunday, September 13, 2009

freedom from my shackles of masculinity

It was a lifetime getting to the point where I am now,but better late than never as they say.I used to be Matt and now I'm making the journey to Mattie.A metamorphosis if you will.From caterpillar to butterfly.Mars to Venus.I've never felt more alive,happy and free.Its tough sometimes dealing with antagonists and hard to take the insults sometimes,but for the most part I am received with praise and well wishes.Ive been on hormone replacement treatment just over a month now and recently had my first PMS breakdown,not a pretty sight.I have a renewed respect for women now.I feel reborn and the world my oyster.Brave new world and all that.Everyday brings something new and everyday I progress and make mistakes too.Its a wild ride,a learning curve to be sure.I'm making new friends and losing a few too.But its all good.In order for things to change,nothing can remain the same.I'm following my dreams and allowing my passions to lead me to my successes in life,no turning back now.I'm not looking back either.One foot in front of the other,one day at a time,I'll get there.Today is the first day of the rest of my life.

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